A downloadable game for Windows

Vinyl Hunger is a classic FPS with retro graphics.
The game will feature:

  • A variety of unique guns
  • Creepy monsters
  • Fast movement
  • Secret areas
  • Destroyable props,
  • Dynamic levels to explore, fight and discover secrets.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look and Left Button to shoot
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to run
  • Press F9 to respawn.

ABOUT THE DEMO: it's a prototype, mostly to give you a grasp on the direction and feel the game is going for. From the beginning there's a focus on the visuals and core gameplay, to ensure that nostalgia feel.

NOTE: Linux build is untested.

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vinyl-hunger-win.zip 83 MB
Version 7 Oct 16, 2018
Demo Day 20 54 MB
Demo Day 18 29 MB

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Fun little game you made! I bet it'll be even more fun once you put some real solid work and polish into it. Keep it up!